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Madagascar Wildlife Conservation N.G.O. Internship

Company: Frontier
Category: Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Wildlife, Environmental Work)
Location(s): Madagascar

Madagascar is home to all of the world's remaining Lemurs, with over 100 species currently described and with new discoveries being made seemingly each year! Madagascar also has a huge diversity of chameleons, including the world’s smallest and largest, many endemic birds and the spectacular fossa, a cat like carnivore which is actually relat

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Costa Rica Turtle Conservation

Company: Frontier
Category: Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Marine Conservation, Environmental Work)
Location(s): Costa Rica

Set between tropical Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. Even though it covers just 0.03% of the world’s landmass, it is home to an incredible 500,000 species including jaguars, spider monkeys and five species of turtle. Join this incredible project to discover a world of fragile be

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