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Halong Bay

Gap Year in Vietnam

War-torn for decades, Vietnam is one of the latest ‘secret’ destinations – but backpackers have been aware of its charms for years. If you’re looking for a Gap Year that’s a little spicier than most, then Vietnam could be just the place.

It’s not an easy choice: bureaucracy and language barriers put off the travel-cowards. But if you want to eat the world’s best noodle soup, explore World Heritage caves, and buy beer at 10p a glass, then get there before the tourists do.

Latest opportunities in Vietnam

Fantasy Gap Year

Spend 30 weeks or more experiencing the ultimate fantasy gap year, visiting 11 countries on 3 continents. Combine an amazing worldwide journey in the company of a group of young Frontier travellers while volunteering on teaching or conservation..

Cost: from £7,299

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South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail - 10 weeks in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Travel with us to the ancient Kingdoms of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, famously popular destinations for gap year travellers and it isn't hard to see why. The countries provide a world of unimaginable beauty..

Cost: from £2,399

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